Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anne, Anne, How does your garden grow?

I finally have a backyard garden!!!  We had 2 trees damaged by Hurricane Ike or rather beat the crap out of by Hurricane Ike....after waiting a couple of years hoping they would start growing again, we finally gave up and had them removed this past fall.  So I got my garden!!!!  Sean and his friends got it dug up and we added lots of bags of top soil, garden soil and garden mulch and BINGO! I have plants growing.  The ideal was to plant most of it from seeds but the project took longer to get started than planned so I had to buy plants.  I did put in 2 rows of green beans and sugar snap peas.  They are coming along nicely.  These pics were taken on  last Sat morning and it has already grown so much since then.  I even put in a few corn seeds, they should be sprouting soon.  Right now, I am having a battle with Ms Snail and Mr Slug...so they better be warned...I have upped my attack plan...I put down S&S bait last night.  Hopefully it did the trick!!!!!!!

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