Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally got out of the house today ... went with Debbie out to Lone Star for a little shopping ... we were both very good at LS - trying to buy and scrap wisely ... then we went over to Tony Bahama's for lunch ... we had these little sliders for appetizers ... they were really yummy ... and we both were very good again and had a salad ... YEAH!!! US!!! ... and then to our other favorite spot out in the Woodlands, Sur La Table ... we both picked up little salt containers and a couple of other items we just couldn't live without when we prepared meals for our familes!!! ... we're such fine gourmet cooks ... I crack myself up sometimes!!! LOL!!!!

And this is the box I received from my Secret Sister, Planlady in the same swap...I really like everything I received...the cup from Oregon is really nice and I love the new crap bag! Thanks, Planlady!!!

This is the box I sent to my Secret Sister, Spicedoodle, in the 6 week Secret Sister swap hosted by Croppin4funn.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here are the Tri-Fold cards I did for a swap with Sammibug on the Cricut MB .... I really like doing them but I start with a plan and end up thinking I have too much on them ... I suppose it's all the squares ... I keep thinking I have to have something in every one of them ... this is the St Patrick's card ....

Hello !!!
Happy Birthday !!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We went on a trip to Europe at the end of Nov '09 ... it was so amazing !!! We laned in Paris for a 10 hour layover and went on a whirlwind tour ... my dream has been to see the Eiffel Tower and I DID!!! We then went to Monaco and stayed in Monte Carlo ... we went on a different tour every day ... we saw so many beautiful sites ... I loved the time we spent in Italy and would love to go back to tour more of the country further inland.

Day 2 ... we spent the day walking around Monte Carlo ... such a small city and country but so very beauitful !!!

Day 3 ... this was a small village we walked thru to get to some ancient ruins ... the whole day was amazing!

Day 4 ... a view from St Paul village ...those would be the Swiss Alps in the background ... just takes your breath away - the countryside is so beauitful ... !!!!

... the village of St Paul is inside a fortress ... the walkways betweens buildings was like stepping back in time ... the fortress has been restored with lots of tiny shops and people live in apartments in the village ... I could have spent all day just wondering around there!

Day 5 ... this is a wonderful market ... we had visted the Picassco museum and walked thru the village ... the vegetables were amazing ... I would love to have this market nearby for shopping ... it opens up early morning and shuts down at noon every day ...

Day 6 ... we took the train from Monte Carlo over to a mercado in Italy ... it was an outdoor shopping mall - they travel all around and are at this seaside town every Friday ... there was rows and rows of little shops ... I loved it all ... bought lots of great gifts ...!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barbie Fishes

Has anyone ever seen any embellishments of Barbie fishing????? I have pics of my great-niece fishing with her Barbie fishing pole that I want to make a layout with...and it won't be complete until I have something with Barbie fishing!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrap Nook

This is my current scrap/craft nook ... my dd went off to college and I took over her bedroom ... I know - I'm a bad mommy ... but I need the space ... I plan on repainting the room and moving things around for a better flow of space ... it is just too crowded and cluttered to me right now ...


Here a few of the things I made for my partner in the swap but never got to send ... LisaMe13 flaked on me one week before the swap was to end ... but at least I found out before I mailed off my box to her since she would have never mailed anything to me...

for "Coasting thru Life" ... I made this squash book using coasters on both ends ... I went very simple on embellishments so the book would closed when pictures are added!
for the "Home is Where the Heart Is" theme ... I made this adorable little house using a pattern from the Magnolia Ink magazine ...

this is a mini album I made the using "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" theme ... it has several Irish Blessings in it and lots of room to add pictures ... it really turned out beauitful!!!

this is the explosion box I made for the "Thankful for" theme ... lucky I found out she was flaking before I made it ... so I was able to make it more to fit my daughter ... she loves bright colors and simple designs so I thought she might use this to put some of the pictures she has of the kids she works with at a special needs camp each summer ...

Blog Away

Blog away ... just started and don't have much to say right now .... not sure what direction I will be going with this blog ... so let the adventure begin!!!!