Saturday, May 28, 2011

Garden Progress Pics #3

Nature's Bounty

My first pickings from the garden...they sure were great when I cooked them on Thursday night.  And my Pickled Okra ...I haven't canned in years but getting back in the saddle again....I picked this small batch of okra in Luling on the way back from Meagan's to get to the local farmer's market for some more since I only have 2 plants in the garden this year...and that will not be enough for canning and eating fresh from the garden.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pics after lunch following Meagan's graduation....

1- Anne, Meagan, Kevin
2 - Connie, Meagan, Douglas, Jason
3 - James, Meagan, Debbie
4 - Meridith, Sal, Meagan, Emily, Michael

Garden Pics #2

It's been one week since I took the last pics....the corn is now up and looking good, my tomatoes have grown and are full of blooms, the squash has just about doubles since last week - the little squash I took a pic of last week has since rotted..don't know what's going on with that and my cucumbers are all over the place...I really need to get some stakes for the cucs and my pretty sugar snaps...the beans are going crazy, too.   All in all I'm pretty please right now - blooms are all over the place - I just hope they bud into some veggies......I'll update again next week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Box sent to Anna for the SS7 Swap!!!

1.  I imagined Anna having her very own Copics...3 in her fav colors-green/yellow/blue
2.  Box of pre-made cards along with ribbons/bling/pearls  to make fast and easy cards
3.  TH embossing folders - clocks and steampunk
4.  I used the friendship of the 2 women from the movie....a sweet little friend stamp and die cuts
5.  2 distressed stickles and glitter cut outs to use on the cards (I love sending kits to be used to make things)
6. What's more country than WILDFLOWERS!!!!
7.  Anna loves to fish so I sent her fishing embellishments for future fishing trips
8. I went overboard in making the charm dangle very chunky..more pics further down the blog
9. Black and white pattern paper and brads to go with it
10. Military cut outs for her to use on her DH and DS's pages...used just a bit of glitter, I hope not too much for manly pages
11. Fanfold flowers and flowers in her fav colors
12.  Yeah, a Notebook that I decorated.